Thursday, February 13, 2014

Track Preview: Far East Movement & Sidney Samson - Bang It To The Curb (Bighouse Edit)

The crossover between Electro House and Southern Hip Hop is nothing new, but the 2010 decade has ushered in a new genre of EDM Trap music that continues to encourage booty shaking on the dance floor. For some producers the genre was an experimental phase, for DJ Bighouse however, it is a lifestyle.

Independent artist DJ Bighouse is no exception to the Trap genre. Dedicated to a career of spinning records and producing new tracks at a dizzying rate, the South Bend, Indiana native delivers a new remix with Far East Movement & Sidney Samson's latest release, Bang It To The Curb. The original mix, delivers a thick 808 bass and heavy synths. Simple and effective, yet there seemed something was missing that I couldn't exactly pin down. DJ Bighouse made it clear when he saw the opportunity for a new arrangement . The marimba intro was extended to around 30 seconds and he layered it with a nice snare. Pointing out the obvious of a short 10 second long intro in the original mix. What really makes this edit shine is how DJ Bighouse inserts his breakdowns.  Breaking up the loop in this manner effectively builds up anticipation. This resulted into a higher energy level and making Bang It To the Curb on the shortlist of club ready tracks.

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