Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Huns are coming.

Let's talk about Stereotypes for a moment. If I'm looking for some Electro, I might generally expect big name producers from the Netherlands. If I'm in the mood for something heavier and with Hip-Hip influences the United States has plenty of mainstage Trap artists. Narrowing down to cities, Chicago & New York have their house, Ibiza has it's signature Balearic chillout, and Prague has it's Trance.

 The list goes on, but let's get to our roots here. Techno? yes Techno. Detroit is the first location on the list, after all the Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit is one of the greatest Techno festivals in the world. Period. Everything Detroit aside, my second choice and perceived Mecca of Techno, Hard Techno, Tech-House, and Minimal would arguably be Germany. Dozens of Berlin based Techno DJ's dominate the European club circuit, and for good reason, but here is the part where I tell you my stereotypical views have been challenged.

I've somehow managed to overlook Hungary. I know, I'll have to answer to my girlfriend on that later. Especially after having the opportunity to experience the Budapest techno nightlife firsthand, but don't take my word for it.  A prime example is the annual Bonusz Electronic Music Festival whose 2013 line up featured a talented roster of Techno DJ's like Derrick May, Dubfire, Mark Knight, and Ida Engberg. You might say sure there were other EDM or non techno exclusive A-list artists at Bonusz too, but this is where I tell you take a closer look at the flyer. Whom did you see as the Headliner? Is it your typical Trap, Trance, or Electro House artist there? The answer is no, headlining last year was none other Techno legend, Carl Cox.

Fast Forwarding to today, I found myself channel surfing through DI.FM, checking out new artists, and enjoying new tunes. Nothing really stood out or struck my fancy, that is until I tuned into the Techno station and landed upon this gem, Quarill - Nation of Sheep. Needless to say this track immediately got my attention like a needle drop on a vinyl record. I just had to Google this track and fast. Upon finding the Beatport release on the label Keep on Techno Records it was refreshing to learn this EP was produced by an exclusive roster of Hungarian artists, none of which I had ever heard of before. After giving the whole EP a listen to, twice. I just had to add it to my shopping cart. This whole experience has taught my a very valuable lesson.

The Huns are coming.

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