Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Day At The Library

If you're a DJ, or even just a music enthusiast, you could relate to the music discovery process. Whether your crate digging through a friends vinyl collection, or listening to new releases on the radio. Finding new music becomes vital for planning your next setlist. Online resources such as YouTube & SoundCloud have been discussed extensively. Rather than rehash those great tips, I'd like recommend one of my own, take a moment to visit your local library.

That's exactly what I did just the other day. I managed to walk by the prominently displayed music section on the first floor at the Elkhart Main Public Library. Sparked by curiosity, I honestly did not have any expectations of finding of what I was looking for. Which was what exactly? Not yet entirely sure myself, I would only know it, until I came across it. I began casually browsing through the various genres, an assortment of Classical, Blues, Jazz and Pop Music.To my surprise, I stumbled upon a few CDs just awaiting for the next library cardholder, namely:
Right there at the touch of my fingertips were not one but three Armin Van Buuren album releases, and a Ministry of Sound album, you know, just chilling. While perhaps I wouldn't go out of my lengths to requisition these older releases today, it was nostalgic to read the track titles on the back CD cover. Sitting here at the library and cataloged under sound recordings this was it.

"Underground dance music?" I contemplated to myself. This was in fact what I was searching for.

This moment suddenly became very insightful, the library becomes a wonderful resource for any aspiring music mixologist. In fact I was grateful to the soul who has gifted the community this share piece of music and culture, so that others may share and experience. I've been inspired to give to my support to sustain and grow the Underground Dance music community in my hometown. I encourage and challenge you to get a library card and see what you find under the Subject: Underground dance music.